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The name of Art Life Cycle was inspired by the phenomenological metamorphic cycles in nature and nature's ability to symbiotically transform human beings.

We are all part of nature and the art of nature is within us...the transformation of trauma entails many processes. Andrea and James work with this premise.

The laws of nature anchors our every-day life in the grounds of reality of the Earth and beyond that to the Cosmic Reality. We are the interwoven fabric of spirit and matter. In order to find ways to address trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) the truthful realization and respect of one's inner sacred space is vital. These are the gatekeepers for all aesthetic transformations (as an individual and as a society).

Aesthetic transformation qualitatively transcends the problem-fixing approaches in therapy and in learning. It is a conscious growth with bi-products of healing and learning.

James and Andrea are dedicated to work with this dynamic. This dynamic (simple in its essence and utterly challenging in its practical application) is resilient. The interplay of opposing elements in the dynamic (light and darkness) allows the colours of the soul-life to emerge and the transformation to be transcendent beyond cognitive computing.

 One needs to be the truthful and authentic CHANGE one wants to see in the world.

or rather

One has to want to be the truthful and authentic CHANGE one needs to see in the world. ©