Metamorphic and Symbiotic Colour Studies

Therapeutic Art Project Presentation for the European Federate of Art Therapists 2021 (see video below):

The 7 Fold Process:

was developed by Andrea as her MA dissertation as a therapeutic and transformative learning method. It is a metamorphic process of a substance (plant/animal/stone) and a symbiotic relationship with the person being engaged in the work with the substance. Every aspect of the process may serve as a mirror for a person to see within. The person is supported by the organic (cosmic) rules and energies of the process. One's relationship to a colour-process may reveal what one needs and can learn at a given time. 

Through phenomenological observations and reflections one can become aware of the inner truth by the guiding love/truth of nature. This is tough love by nature but love can show you your truth in your own process; given that one enters full-heartedly!

It is for you by you (The mysterious 7th Fold)! This method was and still being established through a continuous self-study. It serves as a cloak to embrace this alchemical-inductive-inter and intra-personal transformation...

In the spectrum between one's action, feeling and thinking the healing energies of nature weave the path the individual may take.

Andrea's First Colour to work with w Colour Woad (Indigo) in The7 Fold Process (18 months):

Soil - Seed - Plant - Pigment - Paint - Art - The 7th

Photo-montage video of the project:

Andrea's Second Colour was Colour Cochineal (Carmine - Magenta) in The 7 Fold Process (4months):

Nature-Female Cochineal Beetles-Preparation of Silk-Pigment-Dye-Art and Craft-The 7th