The 7 Fold Process:

was developed during my MA dissertation as a therapeutic and transformative learning method. It is a metamorphic process of a substance (plant/animal/stone) and its symbiotic relationship to the person engaged in the the work. Every aspect of the process may serve as a mirror for the person to see within and being supported by the rhythm of the process. One's relationship to a colour process may reveal all that one needs and can know at a given time of one's self and the colour.

Through phenomenological observations and reflections one become aware of the inner truth by the guiding love of nature. This is tough love but truth can set you free; so the process requires one to enter full-heartedly! It is for you by you (The mysterious 7th Fold)! The method is just a cloak to carry this alchemical inductive individual transformation...


My First Colour is Colour Woad (Indigo) in The7 Fold Process (18 months):

Soil - Seed - Plant - Pigment - Paint - Art - The 7th

My Second Colour is Colour Cochineal (Carmine - Magenta) in The 7 Fold Process (4months):

Nature-Female Cochineal Beetles-Preparation of Silk-Pigment-Dye-Art and Craft-The 7th


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